Self Publishing University: Self Publish Short Non-Fiction Books To Amazon & Barnes and Noble

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Self Publishing University: Self Publish Short Non-Fiction Books To Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Flavio | Wifi Money Club
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So maybe you aren't ready to write a super long novel, or a NY Times Best Seller with 40k words.

It's totally fine, there are many "short" books selling very well on Amazon and other leading online book retailers.

Is there something you know that maybe others don't know? The answer for most people is, YES!

Perhaps you already are creating eBooks on your site, Gumroad, or anywhere else, why not expand your reach and Self Publish on Amazon?

This way you can benefit from the FREE traffic and exposure on Amazon!

Let's say you offer a paperback book on Amazon for $9.99, the royalty will be 60%, meaning your royalty is $5.99

So, let's suppose your book on Amazon gets an average of 3 sales per day, which is 90 for the month.

90 x $5.99 = $539.10

Now, this is just one book! Suppose you publish 4 short books pulling those numbers? Now you are making over $2,000 per month without pushing traffic.

Kindle eBooks are similar, but a 70% royalty when you price at $2.99 and up.

I am not saying you are guaranteed to get these numbers, but clearly very achievable. If your book has a tough time hitting these numbers, luckily Amazon has a built in Ads Program!

You can spend whatever you wish to get some extra eyeballs on your books!

You will also have access to a Facebook Self Publishing Group so you can continue getting assistance from me and others on the same journey.


After This Course You Will Be Able To

  • Research topics
  • Outline your book the easy way
  • Create your manuscript to upload
  • Create or outsource your book cover
  • Upload process including Keywords and Descriptions
  • Have your book as Paperback & Kindle eBook
  • Learn Amazon and Barnes & Noble
  • Basic understanding of Amazon Ads
  • Join a Self Publishing group to continue getting help

All you need to do is rinse and repeat, write short books, publish them, get royalties!

Basically, this could be you!

So, don't delay your self publishing journey, get your ideas to paper, and a published book on Amazon & Barnes and Noble!

I have over 1,750 published books, so I am sure I can help you, but what if this course doesn't work?

No worries, if you show me that you tried everything and after 30 days, you still can't publish your book, I will personally help you or refund you.

So, go ahead and add this to cart and let's get your Short Book published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I want this!

Everything you need to start making money self publishing on Amazon


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