POD Super Bundle - Etsy Print on Demand, POD Empire, & Publishing Blank Books

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Save by getting this bundle!

  • Etsy POD = $39

  • POD Empire = $39

  • Blank Books = $39

Total if bought separately: $117

For just $59, they are all yours!

If you'd like to sell online and make some extra money, but don't want inventory, this bundle is for you!

With Print on Demand, this means that you upload a design, customer purchases, and then a supplier fulfills the order. This means you never touch any product!

These courses are video courses spanning over 10 hours between the 3 courses!

What's inside:

Etsy POD Course

Learn how to setup, optimize, and get an Etsy Shop going in no time. Understand the Etsy market, branding, and ways to make your shop stand out!

Find out about:

  • Print on Demand products to offer

  • POD Suppliers for Etsy

  • Etsy SEO

  • Etsy Ads

  • How to Run Sales

  • Social Media & Etsy

  • Pricing & Shipping Strategies

  • Mockups

  • & More

POD Empire Course

Learn all the basics of design even if you aren't a graphic designer, also learn about the various platforms available for POD. 

Find out about:

  • Designing with web based software

  • Outsourcing Designs

  • Researching Niches

  • Keywords & SEO

  • Merch by Amazon

  • Etsy

  • Automating one design to many platforms

  • Top POD Marketplaces to Publish to

  • & More

Publishing For Profits (Low Content Books, Blank Books)

What if you can publish blank books to Amazon? You can! Publish diaries, journals, music books, trackers, coloring books, and more! Someone needs to put these books out there, right? Why not you?  No writing at all, I will show you all of it!

You create, upload the books, Amazon fulfills it!

Find out about:

  • How to get a publishing account on Amazon

  • Suggested Tools

  • SEO & Keywords

  • Researching Niches

  • Creating Interiors

  • Creating Book Covers

  • Uploading to Amazon

  • How to do Descriptions, Titles, Subtitles, etc..

  • Setting up Author Pages

  • Amazon Ads

  • Publishing to Barnes & Noble

  • & More

So, if you are looking to get started selling online without any inventory... This is for you! These courses combined, have over 9,300 students!

To see the main page to each of these separately, visit:

Publishing for profits

POD Empire 

Etsy POD

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  • 3 Courses With 10+ Hours of video just $59.

  • Etsy POD Course
  • Print on Demand Empire
  • Publishing for Profits
  • 3 Courses With 10+ Hours of video just $59.
  • Etsy POD Course$39
  • Print on Demand Empire$39
  • Publishing for Profits$39


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POD Super Bundle - Etsy Print on Demand, POD Empire, & Publishing Blank Books

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